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Pelco CM6700-MXB4-X 16 Input 4 Output  Switcher/Controller (PAL)
Pelco CM6700-MXB4-X 16 Input 4 Output Switcher/Controller (PAL)

Pelco CM6700-MXB4-X 16 Input 4 Output Switcher/Controller (PAL)

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The Pelco CM6700-MXB4-X Switcher provides switching and control for up to 16 video inputs and up to 4 monitor outputs from any one of up to 8 keyboards. The CM6700 Matrix switching unit is designed to be remotely operated from desktop keyboards or external computer systems.

On-screen menus make configuring the CM6700 simple and easy. The user-enabled character display shows time and date, operation mode, camera number, and a 20-character title for quick, easy identification of the on-screen video. The display characters are white with black outline for viewing under varying lighting conditions. The display can be located anywhere on the viewing monitor and can be turned on or off.

The CM6700 supports two system macros, or salvo sequences, to allow quick call-up of up to four cameras to four monitors simultaneously. Salvo sequences include preset call of suitably equipped (PTZ or dome) receivers. When an alarm is received, the CM6700 will switch the camera for that alarm to the selected monitors. If a PTZ function is being performed when an alarm is received, an alarm-pending message will appear. Alarms can be cleared either by keyboard acknowledgement or time-out after contact deactivation.

The versatile mounting system allows for a variety of installation options: either in a 19" rack (front or rear mount), wall, or shelf mount. This versatility allows the bulk of the video cables to be routed to a convenient area such as a telephone room instead of the operator location.

16 video inputs; 4 video outputs
Supports camera title for up to 20 characters
Supports time (24-hour or AM/PM formats) and date (4 formats) display
Alarm display call-up from 18 direct-connect alarm inputs
Video inputs individually selectable for terminating or looping
Coaxitron compatible
Individual monitor sequential switching with preset call
Compatible with RS-422 Pelco D or Pelco P protocol
Camera control selection between Coaxitron or RS-422; individually selectable per camera
Control Genex multiplexers
Selectable data port; RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
Password-protected menu configuration
Supports user partitioning to prevent unauthorized viewing

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