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Pelco DS-SRV2-DVD  E1-OPS-WKS6P Video Expert Workstation SW & License 6 monitors
Pelco DS-SRV2-DVD E1-OPS-WKS6P Video Expert Workstation SW & License 6 monitors

Pelco DS-SRV2-DVD E1-OPS-WKS6P Video Expert Workstation SW & License 6 monitors

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Pelco DS-SRV2-DVD  E1-OPS-WKS6P Video Expert Workstation SW & License 6 monitors
The Ops Center is a Windows-based application, providing an optimal environment from which users can watch live and recorded video. With the support of Enhanced Decoders, the Ops Center supports up to six monitors, each capable of displaying up to 25 video streams simultaneously. Through the Ops Center, users can configure and recall complete workspaces, enabling operators to quickly log in and get to work. The application provides mechanisms to sort cameras by tags and other criteria, making it easy for users to find the cameras they need. Users can switch between live and recorded video on the fly, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. With appropriate permissions, users can also share workspaces and even use the same tabs simultaneously, enabling collaboration within your surveillance operations.


  • Designed to eliminate single points of failure and ensure reliability though fault-tolerant software, distributed architecture, and multiple levels of redundancy
  • Provides scalability and modular expansion
  • Provides migration paths for Endura® and Digital Sentry® systems
  • Available in hardware and software-only distributions, for measured performance or convenient migration of customer-owned hardware
  • Microsoft® Windows®-based for easy setup and maintenance
  • VX Toolbox provides administration interface for device and system management capabilities
  • Supports up to 6 monitors per workstation, each driven by independent CPUs, displaying up to 25 streams per monitor
  • Workstations available with 3D mouse and programmable keyboard accessories to maximize operator control
  • Extensible through plug-ins including mapping, video information overlays (eConnect), and license plate recognition (PlateSmart)
  • Create and assign tags, organizing network resources as you see fit
  • Native RAID 6 storage solution supports 3rd party and Pelco Optera cameras
  • ONVIF compliant: Supports ONVIF S compliant cameras and devices
  • Investigation mode enables operators to synchronize video playback and export investigative playlists covering scenes of interest
  • Supported languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified)

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